Guillaume Gaubert is a 25 years old photographer and cinematographer from France. From French and Argentinian origins, he spent most of his life in the French Riviera where he got the majority of his inspiration, between hot summer days, the Mediterranean, small beaches and cicadas.

Guillaume started his relationship with photography when he was given at age 21 an old Leica camera which belonged to his grand-father, whom he never had the chance to know. From various learnings, experiments and styles, he practiced a large range of photography styles, from travel photography to street photography and landscape, before turning to portraits as he discovered that what he liked photographing the most was people.

Guillaume described himself as a very nostalgic person, a feeling strongly present in his photographs. A lover for timeless things, he seeks inspiration from various eras like the 60’s, 80’s or 90’s. As his interest for visuals grows, he began to work on short films and writing his own.

Guillaume continues to do what he likes the most: take photos trying to catch a glimpse of the essence of past times, one eye looking forward and one eye looking at yesterday.